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Marcus Akerman


Sint Janslaan 56, 1042 LV Bussum



Marcus Akerman, was born into an artist family in London in 1961. He grew up in London and Wales and traveled extensively for most of his young adult life, living and working for longer periods in Spain, Berlin, Helsinki and Sydney. In the 1990's in Scotland, he studied fine art as an apprentice to his father Richard Akerman, a phenomenon of the modern fine art publishing world.


Living as an artist in London for six years, Marcus sold much of his work at Green Park (Piccadilly) and Bayswater Road Open Art Exhibitions in London. He exhibited in and around London, including the art gallery of the world famous Selfridges in Oxford Street. He now lives in the Netherlands. In 2003 he set up his studio in Amsterdam and exhibited amongst others at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam and Art Laren. In 2015, he and his family moved to Bussum where he opened up his new studio.


Marcus mostly works with acrylics, pastels and watercolours. His professional drive and strong creative ability result in authentic conceptual art.

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