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Lily van Riemsdijk
Schilder / Tekenaar / Sieradenmaker


St vitusstraat 8c, Naarden-Vesting





Hi there, my name is Lily. 

I'm a Dutch artist and daily painter.


I am dedicated to bringing more elegance to the world. I believe that the creative mind is a powerful force, and it's through my art that I channel that power.


Each painting I create is expressive, colorful, and infused with love - no IKEA posters from my easel. Best of all, my art is affordable, ensuring everyone can infuse their home with a touch of sophistication.


Why not invite joy, beauty, and authentic art into your life and home? My paintings can transform your home into an inspiring place where intriguing conversations flourish and compliments brighten your day.


As an artist, I recognize that selecting the perfect artwork can be daunting. That's why I offer personalized assistance and invite you to visit my art studio to experience the pieces firsthand.


I am endlessly fascinated by the human form and its ability to evoke powerful emotions. Through my paintings and drawings, I strive to capture the beauty and grace of the body in motion. My brushstrokes are bold and expressive, each one conveying a sense of movement and energy.


The human form is a boundless source of inspiration. I am always in awe of the countless postures and emotions that make each of us unique.


In a world that often feels fast-paced and overly focused on perfection, my art serves as a powerful reminder to embrace our individuality and the freedom to be ourselves

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